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Tudo sobre Assinatura digital

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Google pun menyadari kebutuhan penggunanya dan mulai mengutamakan konten-konten yang lengkap untuk menduduki posisi teratas di hasil pencarian. Yang nantinya, konten-konten tersebut berpeluang sukses sebagai cara meningkatkan traffic blog.

A ferramenta identicamente conjuntamente oferece dados por volume do pesquisa e custo por clique na busca paga do Google, para além do grau de dificuldade na busca orgânica e paga. 

Keyword research: You use a search engine for both paid and organic search, and both require a user to enter a keyword. So you need to do keyword research for organic search and paid search.

The content of the discovered page, and the context of the links the crawler followed from Patagonia to The Guardian, help Google understand what the page is about and how it is relevant to all of the other pages within its index.

Temukan konten yang mendapatkan impression tinggi dengan CTR rendah. Keadaan tersebut mengindikasikan konten sudah muncul di hasil pencarian, tetapi tidak banyak orang yang membuka/mengklik konten tersebut.

For example, it’s clear that SEO is having some impact on Google’s Search Generative Experience (SGE) experiments because the content found in traditional local packs is being used to some extent in SGE responses to local queries, like this:

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A click here consistent theme among your blog posts and SEO course is go against the grain and do something different than other people.

Using the same core product/service descriptions on location-specific pages or subdomains for different cities.

Tidak melakukan riset keyword sebelum membuat konten adalah kesalahan fatal bagi pemilik website dan blog. Riset keyword akan membantu Anda menemukan kata kunci yang relevan bagi pembaca. Ada lima indikator riset keyword yang perlu Anda perhatikan, yaitu volume pencarian, tingkat kesulitan keyword, saran kata kunci, SERP, dan search intent. Volume pencarian adalah banyaknya pencarian sebuah kata kunci dalam kurun waktu tertentu. Tingkat kesulitan keyword menunjukkan tingkat kesulitan sebuah kata kunci untuk berada di halaman pertama hasil pencarian.

Google’s most familiar results are the traditional organic results, which consist of links to website pages ranked in a particular order based on Google’s algorithms. Search engine algorithms are a set of formulae the search engine uses to determine the relevance of possible results to a user’s query. In the past, Google commonly returned a page of 10 organic results for each query, but now this number can vary widely, and the number of results will differ depending on whether the searcher is using a desktop computer, mobile phone, or other device.

City/Metro Landing Pages: When targeting visibility in a new city or metro area, craft fresh content incorporating local landmarks, surrounding suburbs, customer testimonials, and other localized details.

Top tip: SEO is no longer confined to search engines like Google or Bing. It’s also important for social networks such as YouTube and TikTok as people turn to social media to find information. 

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